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 Peacemakers club :D

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Peacemakers club :D Empty
PostSubject: Peacemakers club :D   Peacemakers club :D Icon_minitimeTue Sep 24, 2013 5:35 pm

This club is for anyone who is interested in keeping CR a peaceful place, who is willing to help resolve fights and give advice to others in the unfortunate, but unavoidable times of trouble.


*please state what you would do in each situation* Note: these situations are all really random, and i didn't mean to offend anyone, I just wanted to see if people know how to deal with others in the peacekeeping world, so I apologize in advance. Though I will admit, I have modified these situations according to the reasons why users have been banned from forums before, so I can see if applicants can resolve the problem before it's too late and action has been taken

1. A user is frequently fighting with others in a forum and you know that there is a big chance that they might have already been warned by the mod that if they continue to do so, they will be banned, but the problem is that the user has been provoked by others to get mad.

2. You've seen your best friend get angry at another user, and you're trying to calm them down so that they won't be at a huge risk of being banned, but they won't listen. On the other hand, you really don't want them to be banned*

3. You get the news that a user has been banned, but looking at their past posts, you can't find any incidents that have happened to them. The mod also won't tell you any details saying "their privacy should be respected,", what should you do?

⭐Peacekeeper's Oath⭐
I,name, hereby swear to maintain a peaceful and safe environment on CR to the best of my ability, to ensure that fights are resolved before they get out-of-hand, so that no one needs to be banned, to give useful advice to those it need, to be able to deal with users with all kinds of personalities and treat all users with equality and respect. I promise to never permit any hateful, racist, or discriminating language to be used on my wonderful home of CR Smile

Thank you! and start signing up! Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Peacemakers club :D   Peacemakers club :D Icon_minitimeWed Sep 25, 2013 6:51 pm

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Peacemakers club :D
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