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 Short story (no name as of yet)

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PostSubject: Short story (no name as of yet)   Fri Oct 18, 2013 11:44 pm

She rides off in her secret used starship after the last of the 5 suns has set, before the first of 5 moons have risen with a specific destination many light-years away from her solar system away from her father's reach. During the flight, she has never looked back even once and is thinking how life would be better as an eternal maiden nymph instead of a trophy wife.
"I'm hoping that the Great Spirit forgives on what I did by the time I get initiated to his order." She thought.
As she gets into the caeruleo nebula with 30 light-years of travel to go, her ship started to get low on fuel and she had no choice, but to stop in a station to refuel and stop for some rest in about 8-10 hours. So she checks in to the station's logging area, got assigned a decent room, and goes to sleep for a while. A few hours passed and she was suddenly awakened by loud knocking and hears:
"OPEN UP!!! WE KNOW YOU'RE IN HERE!" said the loud voice.
Crap! How can they find me?
So she swiftly grabs her stuff and climbs out the window carefully while wearing a invisibility bracelet. When the door was knocked down, guards swarmed in, but they were too late to catch her.
"How the -- she escaped?" Asked one guard.
"She's a sneaky one." Said the captain.
As soon as she left the logging area and to her ship, the ship exploded and knocked her back several feet (while the bracelet gets knocked out of her wrist in the process) and the guards swooped in and surrounded her. The captain came in and said:
"You cannot escape, come with us quietly or we'll stun you."
Determined not to go back, she shouted:
"NEVER!!!" and she used a spell to knock out 20 guards.
She started to run until many more ships swooped in and her father came in and said:
"You see that you can never escape what you are?"
She responded:
"I'll never go back no matter how much you try to pursue me."
Her father scoffs and says:
"Give up! You'll never find happiness within the order."
She replies:
"But you'll never be satisfied even if you gain more status than you already have."
She says an incantation that's familiar to her family and she starts to glow.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING???" The father asks.
"STOP HER!!!" The captain orders and as the guards approached her, they couldn't touch her.
She floats up while the glow gets brighter every second.
Her last words are:
"I will never be used by anyone ever again!"
Like a supernova, her body emits a big flash and surprisingly positive energy only felt by the purest of souls.
When the light settled, her father opened his eyes to see her laying down on the ground colorless and pale and tries to shake her to wake up, but with no luck. He starts to cry over her and the guards took off their helmets. The father whispers to her:
"Why have you done this to me and to your own family? I knew you would try to run, but I never thought that you had the strength to do this."
A few days later, everyone in her home system came to her funeral and mourned deeply for her especially her only friend who is her room guard. When everyone has left, her friend came in to her repose bed and he says to her:
"I'll never forget the training days, the good times, and the childhood memories we had together as friends."
His eyes start to mist up:
"But I wished we could be more than friends, but because of your fathers careless decisions, we couldn't and you decided to run to the sanctuary, but you ended up paying the ultimate price."
Tears streaked his face:
"I should have come with you and be alongside.... with.... you...... because..... I...... love..... you......"
He sobs for a few minutes and says:
"You will always be in my heart, princess."
Then he placed a flower on her, he kissed her in the forehead, and he left the room.
A tear fell from her eye.
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PostSubject: Re: Short story (no name as of yet)   Sun Oct 20, 2013 11:41 am

ohhhh i love it so far! thanks for joining CR btw!

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PostSubject: Re: Short story (no name as of yet)   Tue Oct 22, 2013 6:20 pm

Aww thanks!!! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Short story (no name as of yet)   

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Short story (no name as of yet)
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